...And the Verdict Is In!

From the minute I met Melissa Gertz, I felt a sense of ease and comfort come over me. A sense of "this fight alone is finally over". I suffer from brain issues and severe memory problems due to a past brain infection and nerve damage. At 44 years old, I have worked all my life and never needed state assistance of any kind. I applied for SSD 2 years ago only to be denied twice! I had lost 3 jobs and 2 apartments as a direct result of my "incompetence" and medical condition. Unable to accept myself that I could no longer work, I still continued to look for work anywhere. With the doctors and testing and hospital stays and exploratory treatments and the pain and depression and so on and so on. I was almost at the end of my rope when I walked into her office. After talking to her for about 45 minutes, I walked out of her office feeling for once in a very very long time, HOPE. I felt the weight of the world leaving my shoulders. She has continued to take my crying phone calls and point me in the direction of whatever help I need while always being so polite and helpful. She is such a different attorney. I am so grateful that she is the one I chose off the internet. I am blessed to have Melissa Gertz on my side."

~ K. M., Hamilton, NJ

“The SSDI system was very stressful to navigate and the rejections were demoralizing but I felt that once I contacted the CJC that I was being heard, supported, and advocated for. It meant a lot and I am extremely grateful to both Lisa and Melissa.”

~ T. W., Lambertville, NJ

"As I walked into the office, Melissa was very friendly. You feel warm, comfortable, and next thing you know, you start talking, and off you go. Melissa is positive. She sent me home happy. Every time I went home, all I could think about was what she said, and it made me confident. Once Melissa looks at your case, she will tell you if she can help you or not. I tell people on the street to come to her, because she can help them. She can really help the people."

~ L. W., Trenton, NJ

"Lisa was caring, patient, knowledgeable, always called back. She was more than I could have asked for. Lisa, you were the best. God bless you."

~J. H., Trenton, NJ

"Service was professional and personal. I was educated and included on all issues. I would recommend you to others."

~J. M. Trenton, NJ

"All the Community Justice family made me feel very comfortable at all times. They took the time to explain what I didn't know and they fought for me when no one else would. They did a wonderful job keeping me abreast of all issues. Melissa got me a good settlement and I can't thank her and her staff enough."

~ T. S., Ewing, NJ

"Melissa is one of the most patient and understanding people I have ever met. She really made me feel comfortable and at ease with her service."

~ R. O., Lawrenceville, NJ

"I would like to thank all staff members for all the support, help, professional advice, and listening ears that were rendered to me during my extreme distress, depression, and fear. I am still recovering, and you all helped me to reach this far. Thanks and may God bless you all."

~ V. S. Hamilton, NJ

"I would like to thank the Center and Ms. Gertz for their effort on my behalf. Her work was exceptional and outstanding in every respect. Kudos!"

~ A. H., Flemington, NJ

"I felt welcome and didn't feel looked down upon. I never could have done it without Carrie Ann, plus she told me I can still call her."

~ E. O., Middlesex, NJ

"Melissa took great care and length to help me understand the system. She was an incredible friend to have during this whole process. She kept in touch with me and answered all of my questions, even when they did not seem to make any sense!"

~ A. H., Glen Gardner, NJ

"Melissa was very helpful and kind, she was also very understanding and informative of what I needed to do. Melissa gets 4 stars from me!"

~ P. S., Califon, NJ

"I'm glad I was recommended to the Community Justice Center because they represent clients very well and professionally. Melissa was very knowledgeable and very pleasant. She presented my case very well. I was thankful to have her represent me."

~ (Anonymous, Trenton)

"I sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury on March 11, 2008 when a fallen piece of metal hit my head. I came to Melissa during the darkest hours of my enduring experience, as this was a devastating blow to my life. Melissa was the first 'professional' TBI person I knew and I felt a huge relief when I found out Melissa understood me. Melissa's experience she shared with me was invaluable and watching her work and talk to me was inspiring. Her work is exemplary, advocating for a TBI person like me in this complicated process."

~ S. T., Bloomfield, NJ

"Lisa was such a pleasure to work with and you all have taught me so much moving forward in a positive direction. I feel better about being able to handle new situations regarding related issues….because you have already empowered me to be able to take more control!"

~ E. E., Morristown, NJ

"I am very satisfied with the services. The staff have always been fully respectful and compassionate. We need more programs like the Community Justice Center to help the disadvantaged and disabled."

~ M. M., Hamilton, NJ

“It felt good to have someone fight for what you believe in.”

~ F. C., Trenton, NJ

"I'm so happy someone finally recommended CJC or I may still be sitting in limbo. I'm very happy. Everything ran smoothly and quickly. My day in court was as stress-free as possible. Melissa has been a Godsend."

~ N. W., Ewing, NJ

"Lisa did more than I expected, considering my long struggle. She did everything and more than I thought was possible. I'm just so thankful to have met her."

~ S. R., Trenton, NJ

"I really appreciate Ms. Melissa taking my case. I had had a hard time getting someone to take it, but she stepped up to the challenge and won it for me."

~ K. Y., Trenton, NJ

"Definitely satisfied, and not just because of a favorable decision. Melissa was the calm and hope in my wrecked and humiliating situation. I felt validated."

~ B. C., Port Murray, NJ

"Lisa was great and answered all my questions. Melissa is a joy to work with - polite and fun and very knowledgable - very good change for the younger generation - she speaks the way WE understand."

~ E. R., East Windsor, NJ

"I had made several attempts to get [help] due to my mental health to no avail. Upon coming to CJC, my road began to change. It has been 19 years living with my disease. Thanks to the CJC team for not judging or downplaying mental illness. Continue to strive and make changes to help others livings with a disability or disease - important not just to their families, but the community at large."

~ K. P. Hamilton, NJ

"Special thanks and gratitude to Carrie Ann, whose legal expertise, combined with compassion and thoughtful understanding, are so greatly appreciated."

~ J. R., Caseworker, Lawrenceville, NJ

"Carrie Ann has helped me in so many ways. I cannot thank her enough. I will be sending others to her because of her great work."

~ L. P., Trenton, NJ

"Excellent, wonderful job, friendly, personable, all that good stuff! I couldn't be more satisfied."

~ D. C., Hamilton, NJ

"My client struggled for many years with his case and was surviving on general assistance. Carrie Ann winning his case will offer him a much better quality of life!"

~ S. B., Caseworker, Lawrenceville, NJ

"Carrie Ann and Vic were friendly and very competent and worked very hard on my case."

~ P. V., Edison, NJ

"Every day I tell someone how great Carrie Ann is!"

~ M. C., Trenton, NJ

"Although there are no guarantees, one thing I'm sure of is that there is a feeling of relief associated with handing everything over to CJC...I'm sure you have improved a lot of lives by doing what you do and I'm grateful to have found you."

~ M. P, Hopewell, NJ

"Outstanding, committed service. Great people to have in your corner, who won’t stop until the case is complete, win or lose."

~ T. N, Trenton, NJ

"I wanted to give up a few times but Melissa kept me going on. She is a really good lawyer and she is very helpful and sweet."

~ R.N. Trenton, NJ